Shadowrunning For Fun and Profit

Bit's Log... Stardate....August 7, 2075


Lots of various stuff happened after The Milk Run that Wasn’t

Nero invited a bunch of The Ancients that he knows to the gig; to repay them trying to find Scarlet a teacher for her whip. The gig is at Hole in the Wall, a real dive bar. As he’s setting up, in starts coming a veritable Who’s Who of Super Prime Runners, especially folk from Denver. As I’m looking round the joint trying to figure out what’s about to go down when bloody Perianwyr walks in the door!! After I pick my virtual jaw up off the table, I fire a message off to Nero that he’d better put on the show of his life. I think he had a clue since he almost fell over his own deck. To give him some help on lights and effects, I call Trent Reznor, to lend a hand. The show goes amazingly and as Perianwyr’s entourage heads out, a pretty human, Talia, his Voice, steps up to Nero, tells him that he has a gig at The Murdered Mime, probably the third best club in the Sprawl in a week if he wants it. Of course he accepts. Trent starts spinning tunes as the party starts.

Well past closing time, we head out. Scarlet and I to her place, Vitalia and Nero to her place. As Vitalia is heading home, she sees a tag she’s been hunting for.some time. Following the tag, she finds herself in a Runner bar called Ashen Mirrors. Turns out that an old friend is the barmaid, and singer in an Or’zet death metal band Head Bashers. Nero hung out at the bar while the two caught up.

The next day, Vtalia hit me up for the cost to erase a criminal SIN. I laughed and said stupid expensive, especially depending on which entity put the SIN in place. She was actually serious, said it was a UCAS, so I told her I’d look into it. I put out some feelers and am waiting an answer.

In the meantime, I receive a message out of the blue, stinking of wrong. It’s from that bastard Binary Theorem. He tells me that some twinge in his body forced him to message me. He somehow knew that Mother had left the Llamia Fides compound and no one knew where she went. With that he was gone. I took a bath. Then took a virtual bath. I still feel dirty. I contacted someone at Llamia Fides and found out that she had left. Something about finding me. She isn’t carrying any electronics that they know of, and no idea where she was looking. All they do know is it’s a dangerous time for her to be out by herself.

I reach out to Gorax to put the word out to try to find her. I also warn him to avoid Father’s body. It’s not really him, and I have no idea what he wants or is capable of. I also start checking security at all the safehouses I know of, which isn’t many. After seeing her in one, I leave an audio message at all of them with a way to reach me. All I can do now is wait.

On top of all of this, one night at work, Scarlet is accosted by a small tornado and one of her work outfits. While they beat her up, she manages to banish the tornado and run off the spirit in her clothes. Calling for security that never came. She manages to catch a glimpse of an astral mage quickly leaving after the spirits are gone. She doesn’t recognize it. She ran out front to find Lyon unconscious on the floor. Bringing him around, and looking at the cameras, she sees another mage open the door and stunbolt Lyon down. Both of them looking and feeling like crap, Scarlet heads home to heal up. Somewhere, somehow, two mages made it through her Masking and attacked her for unknown reasons.

I think I’m scratching Scarlet’s groove, and while shiny, the magic stuff is starting to give me a headache. I wonder if Nero might want to go in on a place…

End Intermission

Bit's Log... Stardate....August 5, 2075

So a couple days go by, and Vitalia gets a call. Turns out a skin-sim producer had his latest creation stolen raw. No lube to help it go, and he’s REALLY sore. He hired us to find the guy that did him wrong and get his strange back. Thus begins The Milk Run that Isn’t.

Bit's Log... Stardate....August 2, 2075

So, it turns out that Vitalia has been moonlighting as a Fixer for some up and comers. One of the shooters looks like a promising replacement for Red Line, so she sets a meet.

We meet Nero at a coffee shop. Hot lookin elf packin some serious retro gear. LOVE the watch! His comm pissed me off, but a search found fun. DJ, Shooter with some skill, SINner with minor royal parents in the local Tir. Turns out he’s magic too, but with some Cyber.

Vitalia decided to give him a quick test. Go across the street and wave from that 5th story balcony inside 2 minutes. Talked his way in and made the timer. Between his tastes and his swagger, I like him. We decide to take him on for a run. Turns out he’s a squatter like Red Line. Vitalia takes him in under threat of death if he burns her.

Vitalia goes looking for a milk run for us to see if we can all work together. I head out with Nero for the vintage shop he got his watch from.

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....August 2, 2075

Busy busy busy. SO busy the last couple months. I’ve still been shacking with Scarlet. Her day job has her busy most nights, and I don’t take up much space, so it works out alright.

After the Parlor job, we did a couple more hits with Red Line. Slowly bigger fish. Then he left us in the lurch. Took a big hit on his own. Turned out it was a meeting of the local big wigs. By all reports, total carnage, chopped limbs, blood and guts everywhere; but, no sign of a dead Red Line, so, he’s probably long outa town. He left me a wad of cash and a note to “Get out of the Life while I still can.” It has it’s allure, but there is still too much to do. In a couple months, I may try to track down where he went to keep in touch. Jade won out though, took over the local Yacks. Least we know where their play is.

I finally found some time to seriously run down Gorax. First stop… some ork that’s running Gorax’s troll ID. People are obviously oblivious. Ran him down in a little diner. I was a…. little assertive. Got Gorax’s ID out of him, and got the broker that sold it to him and recommended he change his pants, cuz yea. I set up a meet with the Broker. Found from him that he got the ID from an organlegger. He didn’t bother scrubbing it because the orc didn’t pay enough. I couldn’t really find fault with him. He told me that Gorax was dead. He gave me the legger that sold him the ID. I checked out the legger’s records, and there was no sign of Gorax’s body being parted out. I dropped by to meet the owner, and after a little green, found out that Gorax had ditched his old ID through him. I told him that I would send business his way if I heard of it and he let me know he thought Gorax was squatting downtown these days with the gutter rats. Shortly, I tracked down the Real Gorax (please stand up, please stand up) working at a soup kitchen downtown. I dropped by and went through the line, caught his eye and dropped the bombshell of who I was. We traded stories and then traded digits and went out ways. He’s looking old, but, as a Troll Runner, he’s looking a LOT older than most. He’s out of the Life, but is there if I need.

I’ve also been doing some moonlighting with Team 3. Mostly data searches and some light overwatch. Decent money and they are a pretty good group. A bit louder and flashier than I’m used to working but it works great for them.

In a surprising not-so-surprise, it turns out that my parents and “aunts” and “uncles” have all been lying to me. Turns out, they were ALL Serenity. They run the office. They are all part of a group Risen Phoenix. And now so am I. Turns out they were fighting to stop the Crash 2.0. They unfortunately failed, but have held together for mutual protection and gain. I hope to find my niche with them. In the short term, they sent me on a couple short runs in Seattle. Simple hits, nothing fancy. Help make some cash.

Which leads to my second dive. I finally found the time to see Mother. She’s doing as well as can be expected. Still mostly herself. She has lost her connection to the Resonance. Knowing that, I dedicated my first Resonance Realm Search to trying to discover if she will regain her Connection when I get her cured. I discovered that no one knows. The problem is, the cure is not anywhere near as affective as they say. The Realms are… interesting. I could spend some time there I think. FAR too much to do here, but still… I wonder if her Avatar could be found in the Realms somewhere, and reunited with her… Either way, I am now Bit 2.2.

All is not good from the Realms though. Hanging out in the Research Room, I find a set of footprints that are coming out of the Other door, but don’t match any going in. The Signature on them seems familiar, but it’s too old to figure out what exactly it is. I hurry over to the Risen and ask them what they might know. What they tell me is that soon after Father went on his quest, a creature emerged. It had Father’s form but was not him. It was that bastard Binary Theorem. He’s stolen Father’s body and has been using it to traipse around Seattle. Hells bells!! Now what.

Still have to cure Mom, and not have to save Dad. Stay alive and figure out how Scarlet, Vitalia and I are going to keep running. How the hell do all these adults do all this dreck?

Bit's Log... Stardate....May 18, 2075

We got all the gear in place, plan rock solid and we give the go (Thermite, Climbing Rigs, Body Armor Bag, Slip Spray, Glue, Stick-n-Shocks, Zip Ties, and Full Body Armor for the lot of us). We hooked up with 30s contacts and picked up the Hell Hound and necessary accessories. Rolling in the throw away van, we head for the Towers.

A couple before we get there, Scarlet heads out to determine where the Target is. Good news, he’s still in the building. Better news, he’s not under heavy guard. Neutral news, he’s up on the research level, where we’re dropping off the Hound. Bad news, a LOT more guards up there. Not enough to nogo, so on we go.

In the garage, load the Hound onto a cart, pick up a couple guards, and up the elevator we go. The beauty of full body armor, no way to see who we are. We arrive on the floor with the target and with the guards, head towards the target. We turn a corner and there he is, with 5 other researchers in front of a door. They open the door, and it’s obviously a lab with multiple other Hell Hounds. We feign paperwork, and Scarlet takes a look into the Astral. Besides the Target, only one of the researchers is Magic.

Not taking the invitation to enter the room full of BURNING DEATH!!!, we go. Target goes down fast; geek the other mage works even faster and the rest of those within arms reach with guns drop quick. The other researchers cower and are zipped as the other two floor guards show up and are resolved between well placed shots and better placed stun grenade (after a game of Hot Potato first).

We Bag and Tag the Target and move to the end of the hall to find an exterior wall. We slide the innocents out of harms way as we go and leave the cage with the Hound as a shield. I slipspray the hallway to cause issues. I have Ein brick the Lab door closed; which takes too long, so I have him bail. I pop the lock on the room and we head in. Red Line gets started on the hole while I brick and glue the door closed. We pile up the furniture against the door and wall and quicker than we hoped, HTR team arrives. They take a two by two up the hallway and open up with APDS rounds. We see them coming so give a hit the floor and the first volley misses. Should have taken the next room down the hall to give us better cover. Info for next time. They open up enough of a hole that Scarlet can see the four, and she cooks them from the inside out. We were hoping for a zero body count, but, they fired lethal first, we simply responded in kind.

Red Line finishes the hole and suddenly we are introduced to the gentle breeze of atmosphere at 30+ stories. Shortly after, a life line popped through the hole. Attaching everyone, including Mr. Body to the line, the retract yanks us through the hole, and into the air. As we retract, a couple of drones swoop in, quickly felled between Red Line, Vitalia and myself. We hit the door and into the glide, five by five.

We hit the drop and deliver the Package, no muss, no fuss. We go to ground and get our payday.

Bit's Log... Stardate....May 10, 2075

Mid afternoon, 30 calls Red Line and says he has a job for us, and to meet him at The Seamstress Exchange, a virtual bar, in a private room.

Arriving at the club, and finding his room, he lays out the job.

30 is the Johnson for the run, though is is taking his standard Fixer cut.

The job is to extract Lance Craft from the NeoNET towers in Renton. It eventually comes to light that 30 knows that Lance is Scarlet’s brother, it’s why he gave us first shot at the job. Once we have Lance in our possession, we are to deliver him to the docks in Tacoma. The specific drop point is owned by Learson Shipyards, a subsidiary of EVO.

30’s recommendation for the extraction is either from the garage under the building or from the roof. He can get us ID cards that will get us to the Target, but they will cost us either 15k or another job for him. If we decide to take the roof exit, he knows a good pilot willing to take the job for 10k, or possibly other negotiated payment.

Each Tower has an on-site High Security team that can be in scene inside 30 seconds, with a HTR team inside of 5 minutes. Once the target has been removed from his room, security will lock the building down. They are also doing some magical research on the top floors of each tower, so there might be two or three mages on the top floors.

The pay is 90k, -5% (4,500) Fixer fee, 30k is in various Corp Scripts and can provide 10% (9,000) up front.

In addition, 30 knows about Mickey getting burned by the Yakuza, and that she is changing her identity, and should be back soon. He certainly seems to know a lot about her and us. Strange that.

After a brief conversation, we decide to take The Tower Job. He transfers the 9k to me. to get started.

We decide to take the extra job for the ID cards. We are to become The Jackal of the Underground.

He also puts us in contact with our pilot for our Flying Leap.

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....April 10, 2075

Rude awakening… Mickey got a call from Elijah. The Yakuza were onto her for getting her shipment back, and were on the way with a hit team.

I grabbed my stuff and a duffel of as much ammo as I could sweep off the shelves before Mickey bundled me into the Pimpmobile and rushed me off to Scarlet’s place. She dropped me there and took off to go to ground. I jumped into the shops security system to watch. The Yakuza were cautious, but finding no one home, they left. I tried to tip off a local gang to move against the Yakuza, but they didn’t take the bait. They showed up a bit later, but also left empty handed. The call to KE was equally unuseful as they simply looked in the front window, and took off. Didn’t even check round back at the kicked in door.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to re-secure the site quick enough and the rest of everything in the place was stripped by the next day. Some of the gang wars might be fun to watch.

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....April 9, 2075

FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO gonna have to Call up some friends and go crash a couple Sam the Shadowrunner hosts. Damned script kiddies in their posh towers….


The crew found a buyer for the gear. 30% of cost which is crazy low, but, I don’t have the contacts here in Seattle to do better yet. We decided to each keep a Sensei as a burner com. Sold everything else. Gave us 11,551 for each of us. Not a bad haul for a savior run. I really need to be putting money aside for Mom, but, Red Line’s Enfield was REAAAAAAALY nice in that fight. I think I need one for those times the Ranger is a bad choice. Need to start practicing tactics with the Sweeper in game…

I’m guessing that Mickey paid the Team 3 members she agreed. They should make handy contacts in the future.

Heard later that night that the Yakuza were out making more Korean BBQ. Still pointed the right direction there independent of Red Line’s calling cards.

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....April 5, 2075

BIG announcement today…. Aztechnology and Evo announce a joint venture to release an affordable cure for HMHVV. Need to look into that to determine if it’s legit, and how much I need to put together for mom. Jackpoint seems to have done will with the news. My rep is a bit higher these days. The buzz from them is to keep a hold of any Evo stock purchased before the release as it’s liable to keep going up for a little while.

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....April 4, 2075

Keeping an ear open while working on the gear, I hear word of the Yakuza retaliating against the Koreans, firebombing a popular Soulpa eatery. Created some real Korean BBQ.


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