Shadowrunning For Fun and Profit

Bit's Log... Stardate....March 24, 2075

Redline called 30, conference called Mickey; 30 has a smash and grab style job for us. We take the bait and set the meet with the Johnson, who wants to meet the Face only.

Mickey calls Elijah and sets physical overwatch with him. Redline makes dinner reservations near the meet, and also runs overwatch. I run grid overwatch. Scarlet gets left behind again. :(

She meets the J at The Good Noodle Friend – Downtown. Place has DAMN good ratings. Shoulda blown cover to get a bowl. Damn. Oh well. Anyway… J is a human, fairly strong, custom tailored armored suit, hungry for teh noodlz (goddessdamnit), Scandinavian build, German accent, true professional Mr. J per voice analysis. Needs a mage, decker, muscle and social adept for the job. Initial intel is to steal a truck, take it to a location, then guard the truck till pickup. Is another info blind run, with a 30k start, talked up to 40k with 4k up front. The group seems up for it, so, we begin Aruba, though the J had REALLY good jamming tech there, so, watch that stand in the future…



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