Shadowrunning For Fun and Profit

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....March 8, 2075

Mickey gave me a yell for a data mine. She asked me for a list of all Yakuza deaths, in the last 3 months, with a hitter fitting Redline’s description. No reason why, nor any further details.

Search came up blank on those specifics. Did find the normal assortment of Yak hits and deaths, but all normal. Except for one.

It was a recent blotter, 3 Yaks in house in Renton. Killed w shotgun. Multiple others knocked out. Hanafuda (they’re like Japanese black jack cards) calling cards left behind, marked with a red slash mark drawn through the center of them. The assailant left 3. An 8, a 9 and a 3 (the 8, 9 and 3 are the “ya” the “ku” and the “za” which is the worst hand in hanafuda). The remaining people were obviously hiding something, but it might not be pertaining to the murders. Looking into the information available, the house is a gambling den for high level Yak members. This happened two days ago on March 6. Death by Mahjong

So. looking back over another year, I found another oddity.

I found a Yack safehouse in Auburn slaughtered. 12 total Yaks dead. A Mono-chainsaw was used in the combat. This happened on Oct 10 2074. The Yaks don’t seem to have taken any vengeance for the attack, which is strange for them. Digging around on my personal data stores I found a brief reference to the attack and the culprit being Akuoni which I translate to Crimson Devil. A quick look hasn’t found anything else related to that name, but I’m planning on keeping an eye out. Unsafe House



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