Shadowrunning For Fun and Profit

Bit's Personal Log... Stardate....March 22, 2075

I got a call from Scarlet. She needed some help. Something hysterical about a girl almost being killed, caught the guy, see if there is more out there…

Taking the description of guy and method, I found a couple similar deaths at a couple other BDSM houses in the last couple months that were unreported and unsolved. Single guy, buys in somehow, strangles girl, takes off.

A couple similar in Denver, though they shouldn’t be related. Might set up a search to take a look anyway.

The perp’s cheep link only has received calls from a Saraphim. A straight up search for Saraphim is a fools quest. There is a AAA called that for their elite guard. I traced the signal back to a com in a park in Tacoma. Listening to the “interview” and looking into his past activity, he’s chiphead, and done.

I dropped the info to Lyon’s link since Scarlet said she didn’t want to know.

The strangest thing, which I also told Lyon but not Scarlet is that the link that Saraphim has been calling the perp from… has been hiding under a rock in that park. And the perp left it there. Either the perp has money, and has been putting together an elaborate chip dream, which happens, or something really strange is going on…



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