Shadowrunning For Fun and Profit

Bit's Log... Stardate....August 7, 2075


Lots of various stuff happened after The Milk Run that Wasn’t

Nero invited a bunch of The Ancients that he knows to the gig; to repay them trying to find Scarlet a teacher for her whip. The gig is at Hole in the Wall, a real dive bar. As he’s setting up, in starts coming a veritable Who’s Who of Super Prime Runners, especially folk from Denver. As I’m looking round the joint trying to figure out what’s about to go down when bloody Perianwyr walks in the door!! After I pick my virtual jaw up off the table, I fire a message off to Nero that he’d better put on the show of his life. I think he had a clue since he almost fell over his own deck. To give him some help on lights and effects, I call Trent Reznor, to lend a hand. The show goes amazingly and as Perianwyr’s entourage heads out, a pretty human, Talia, his Voice, steps up to Nero, tells him that he has a gig at The Murdered Mime, probably the third best club in the Sprawl in a week if he wants it. Of course he accepts. Trent starts spinning tunes as the party starts.

Well past closing time, we head out. Scarlet and I to her place, Vitalia and Nero to her place. As Vitalia is heading home, she sees a tag she’s been hunting for.some time. Following the tag, she finds herself in a Runner bar called Ashen Mirrors. Turns out that an old friend is the barmaid, and singer in an Or’zet death metal band Head Bashers. Nero hung out at the bar while the two caught up.

The next day, Vtalia hit me up for the cost to erase a criminal SIN. I laughed and said stupid expensive, especially depending on which entity put the SIN in place. She was actually serious, said it was a UCAS, so I told her I’d look into it. I put out some feelers and am waiting an answer.

In the meantime, I receive a message out of the blue, stinking of wrong. It’s from that bastard Binary Theorem. He tells me that some twinge in his body forced him to message me. He somehow knew that Mother had left the Llamia Fides compound and no one knew where she went. With that he was gone. I took a bath. Then took a virtual bath. I still feel dirty. I contacted someone at Llamia Fides and found out that she had left. Something about finding me. She isn’t carrying any electronics that they know of, and no idea where she was looking. All they do know is it’s a dangerous time for her to be out by herself.

I reach out to Gorax to put the word out to try to find her. I also warn him to avoid Father’s body. It’s not really him, and I have no idea what he wants or is capable of. I also start checking security at all the safehouses I know of, which isn’t many. After seeing her in one, I leave an audio message at all of them with a way to reach me. All I can do now is wait.

On top of all of this, one night at work, Scarlet is accosted by a small tornado and one of her work outfits. While they beat her up, she manages to banish the tornado and run off the spirit in her clothes. Calling for security that never came. She manages to catch a glimpse of an astral mage quickly leaving after the spirits are gone. She doesn’t recognize it. She ran out front to find Lyon unconscious on the floor. Bringing him around, and looking at the cameras, she sees another mage open the door and stunbolt Lyon down. Both of them looking and feeling like crap, Scarlet heads home to heal up. Somewhere, somehow, two mages made it through her Masking and attacked her for unknown reasons.

I think I’m scratching Scarlet’s groove, and while shiny, the magic stuff is starting to give me a headache. I wonder if Nero might want to go in on a place…

End Intermission



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