Marks Flat

So, I’m 10, going on 11. I have NO clue what’s going on here, but, from what I gather on the ‘trix and I gather from a combination of Health Ed and Nero’s Boxers, the Bondage Stripper Fairies plan was one to get us in easy.

We took the most unremarkable vehicle we had. Parking next door, we roll out. Vitalia in a Japanese school girl outfit, with ballgag, blade in the knee-high boots and small pistol in the shirt. Scarlet in a classic dominatrix outfit with Vitalia under collar. Nero and I played bodyguard (it’s the Barrens after all). When Scarlet made it to the front steps, she played the three bangers off, with Nero offering “business cards” for the House. The Crimson Crush boys let us in and up to Keybob’s flat, laughing all the while.

Ork-beat selectively muted, we almost entered the flat. The most basic shotgun on a string met us at the door.

Nero moving faster than the eye follows, he tossed Vitalia and Scarlet out of the way of the trapped door. I couldn’t see it. I might have countered it if I’d looked at the door, but, I need to get me that kinda speed.

Getting past that without injury, we quickly find that Keymaster had flat-lined, female shoes had been all over the place and taken the drives, had bailed (somehow without being seen) but left some good synth-hol with glasses marked Freddy’s Diner and Knight Errant etched on the bottom, a gang patch and Keybob’s comlink. The gangers responded quick to the shot, but, we played it cool, and Nero retrieved Keymaster’s com while Vitalia whined us an exit. We headed back home to determine The Buyer from those Keybob had talked to…

Marks Flat

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