The Garage

So we roll up near the garage. I suggest Scarlet go on astral recon to build a map of the building. She Mindlinks with me so I can build the map from what she sees. Astral Space is kinda sparklie. I wonder if it looks better in nicer parts of town. I suspect that with the way my Skinlink works, I might be able to create a form of Hitcher Jack and take her for a spin in my world. Anyway, we find the first level is mostly empty cept for the machine gun nest at the entrance. The second and third levels are full of people. Cardboard and plywood walls creating a form of apartment complex. She finds an aspected mage of relatively low strength living near the middle of the second level. Also a couple of razor girls patrolling those two levels. On the fourth floor (roof) is another razor girl watching the front.

Southwest corner of the third level in a relatively well built apartment she finds a trio of razor girls sitting and talking at a table. Rooting around, she finds a big lump under one of the mattress that could be the package. While we finish up physical preparations, she settles in to make sure nothing changes.

As we’re building the map, Vitalia buys out a local store of small bottles and some food. Settled in to wrap up recon and gear up, a local takes an interest in the Pimpmobile. Vitalia leans out and tosses him a couple bottles. When he takes even more interest, Nero leans out with a hand cannon and decreases his interest.

Tired of just waiting, Nero tries to make up like a street elf to do some physical recon. He somehow manages to turn grime into Grunge with a Pretty Boy flair. Vitalia protests, and does him up right after her heart rate drops a notch or three. Heading out he hits up some of the locals at a nearby barrel. He finds out that The Garage is the “luxury apartment” complex of the area. Slots are limited and don’t open up often. The razor girls run security and administration.

With the layout, the plan boils down to grapple-lift up the outside of the building to the third level. There is a small walkway between the plywood wall and the exterior concrete wall that Nero, Vitalia and Scarlet can drop into. Slip through the plywood wall into the bedroom, grab the package from under the mattress and back out the way they came in. To help cover, they work up a quick urban camo paint job, and a bit of Improved Invisibility. It’s during this I realize the Tarts are all running all their cyber wireless slaved to their rating 5 coms. The first thing this allows is a complete inventory of their implant package, including cyberears with audio amp. While the insertion team debates this change of plan… Invisibility doesn’t stop sound… I grab Elli’s eyes. This leads to the second problem. Elli’s sitting at the table with two other Tarts. And, she’s sitting ON the package. They will have to engage to get the package.

The decision is made to not change the plan other than to send Vitalia and Scarlet around one side and Nero around the other to create multiple targets to grab the package. They head out and I put in a call to the A-Team, asking BA to handle the wheels for me while I run overwatch. The insertion worked like a charm, then all hell broke loose. Due to a minor miscommunication, Vitalia and Scarlet went in with a zero body count thought; while Nero went in with a try not to kill everyone THIS time thought. Didn’t help that due to forgetful planning, Nero had no way to cause stun damage. Either way, due to extreme cyber, no body was surprised just before Nero put down a spray across the room, scattering the quail. Seizing the opportunity, Vitalia grabbed the package and ran. Scarlet followed suit as did Nero. Problem is… Nero is faster than EVERYONE. (I think I need to find a way to do that as well. In my line of work, speed is going to be more important that matrix skill. I wonder if Skinlink will do that as well…) Vitalia is pretty fast. Scarlet… isn’t. Us unaugmented folk are just slow compared to cyber. Creating the problem… the Tarts are only just slower than Nero. He dropped one in the crossfire, but the other two continued to harass Vitalia and Scarlet to the rappel lines. Realizing pretty quick that things are going south, I tell BA to kick it into gear to get there. As I get into sight range, I see a Tart on 2 and 4 getting into position to take shots at us. I send Inferno to start killing cyber on one of the Tarts, and I start taking shots at the Tart on 4. Nero was on the ground, so I send him Elli’s visual feed to take shots at the other Tart on 3. With all the flying lead, we manage to get everyone on the ground and into the Pimpmobile to peel out.

The Garage

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