The Milk Run

Big Boy had his latest and greatest stolen by his latest editor Keybob Talcum also know as the silly Keymaster. He stole the trax. I then stole the HR info from Big Boy’s Big Gun Studio to see what I could find, cuz he gave Vitalia all of Jack and Shit.

For being the Super Haxor, he has almost NO digital footprint. This makes him either one of the BEST deckers EVER or a script kiddy, introvert, no body. So far as I can tell, it’s the latter. He has one social pic of him and his new GF Ellie hanging out at Freddy’s Diner. Otherwise, he hangs at a few places within walking distance of his residence on file.

I couldn’t find an actual residence for Keybob but it turns out after digging out the books for the residence he claims, it’s all in initials, and obviously a gang hang (the Crimson Crush is the predominant gang here), thus why I couldn’t find him otherwise.

The girls decided that the best way in was the Bondage Stripper Fairies ploy.

The Milk Run

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